Pinterest Marketing Strategy to Increase Brand Awareness and Traffic

Social media marketing is has become an integral part of inbound marketing. You should be in every social media network where your target audience is hanging out on. And this brings us to Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can tag and organize images  and videos from across the Internet into category-specific groups. It is is a visual content curation platform aimed at sharing and discovering great images and video content.

Although many people know Pinterest as a social bookmarking site, but the true power of Pinterest is it’s social component. Pinterest is really another awesome social media platform that leverages visual content curation and engagement. Pinterest activity will not only increase your referral traffic, it can also help you to connect with your customers.

How to Establish a Marketing Strategy for Pinterest to Increase Brand Awareness

Some of the Benefits of Using Pinterest:

  • You can drive massive potential traffic to your website.
  • You will get a platform to build relationships with your customers and establish credibility.
  • You can share content with your audience without having to write a lengthy blog post.

Some Pinteresting Facts:

  • Pinterest is growing rapidly. Pinterest is now the third most popular social media network.
  • Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. Source: Shareaholic
  • Pinterest is now sending more traffic than organic Yahoo search results. Source: Shareaholic
  • Pinterest is the most popular in the United States, followed by Canada, UK and Australia.
  • 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is user-driven.
  • Tutorials, Quotes, Guides and DIY Pins see a 42% higher click through rate.
  • Call-to-action pins can increase Pinterest engagement by 80%!
  • Pins related to the trending topics will see an average increase of 94% in click throughs.
  • 81% of the U.S. women online trust Pinterest as a reliable source for information and advice.
  • 50% of the US moms who use Pinterest would follow a brand if rewards were offered to them.
  • It has been estimated that 47% of online shoppers in the U.S. have made a purchase based on a recommendation via Pinterest.
  • 69% of Pinterest users have found at least one item that they have bought or wanted to buy.
  • Pinterest pins with price tags included get 36% more likes.
  • Pinterest grabs about 41% of e-commerce traffic.

How to Optimize Your Website for Pinterest?

If properly utilized, Pinterest becomes a striking platform of visual storytelling and goes a long way in inspiring potential visitors. You need to come up with a Pinterest content strategy to build your brand online. By following some effective optimization techniques, you can turn your Pinterest page into a delightful destination that attracts loads of followers and repins.

Verify Your Website on Pinterest

If you verify your website, then it will give you the access to Pinterest analytics. Verifying the websites will also give you greater visibility as your account will be trusted as there will be the verified checkmark.

Add a Pinterest Follow Button:

If you want to build up your followers on Pinterest, you have to add a Pinterest follow button on your website.

To create the follow button:

1. Go to the Pinterest widget builder.

2. Enter in your Pinterest Profile URL address, give the widget a name and then click ‘Build it’.  Pinterest will give you a piece of code to add to your website and when people click on it they’ll follow you on Pinterest.

Pinterest Follow Button

Make Your Website “Pinnable”; Add the Pinterest “Pin it” button on your website’s images to Make It Easy to Pin Your Content:

To drive referral traffic from Pinterest, your website’s images have to make it to Pinterest. The Pin It button will increase the likelihood of people pinning your images and your visibility & number of pinned images as well. Although the Pinterest backlinks are Nofollow, but it will help diversify your backlink profile and to increase the social signals and we are now very much aware that social signals became stronger ranking signals.

Embed Pinterest Boards:

Tint is a social media marketing tool which takes your social media content, aggregates it and allows you to display it on your website.  You can use it to embed your Pinterest boards within your website.

Embed Pinterest Boards

Semantic Markup:

Pinterest uses Semantic Markup for Rich Pins. You just have to add this markup to your website to make your pins more useful and properly displayed on Pinterest.

Optimize Your Website’s Images and Videos for Pinterest:

Pinterest is like a visual canvas for brands to convey powerful messages to their audience. A Pinterest pinboard is a visual story about your views, identity and storytelling capacity.  With every image pin you add to Pinterest, you are interacting with your audience about yourself and your tastes.

  • Avoid dark images and Use multiple dominant colors.
  • Don’t watermark or brand your images.
  • Include text on your image that describes your blog post content.
  • Use traditional image optimization techniques and keywords in your file name for images on your website.
  • Create unique images to share on Pinterest.
  • Be selective and pin the highest quality images.
  • Use traditional video optimization techniques to optimize your videos on Pinterest.

Start Relevant Boards:

Short list a handful of themes for each audience and kick start boards aligned with these themes.  Pin images that are aligned with the theme for the boards. Don’t just aim to sell,also aim to inspire your users.

Start Relevant Boards

Engage and be Active and Update Your Boards Frequently:

If you want people to engage with you, then you have to spend some time engaging as well by regularly liking, commenting and re-pinning. Keep adding awesome images or videos to your boards regularly. Spending time on a daily basis on Pinterest will help you to retain your valuable followers and keeps boards active.

Write a Good Business Description

Pinterest is practically made for the product-based businesses or brands. So, optimize the “About” section of your Pinterest profile. When in doubt about keywords or phrases to use, check out your Google Analytics to see what drives people to your website. But make sure to keep it easy to read and not overly ‘keyword-y’.

Optimize Your Pinterest Boards and Pins With Keywords:

Make sure that your content is relevant and searchable on all levels.

Keep Your Pinning Descriptions between 200 and 300 Characters and Include Calls to Action:

Use words and phrases that people look for and Pin your images with a keyword-rich description because A study by Dan Zarrella shows that pins with descriptions between 200 and 300 characters long get more pins and repins. So write a good description for your Pinterest pin that tells the story behind the image, which can capture followers and make your pins more shareable. Always include a request to click on the dedicated URL that leads back to your website. This makes it easy for people on Pinterest to find your website.

Pinterest Tips

Cross-Promote your Pins:

Link your Pinterest profile with the other popular social media networks and share your latest pins on Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

Pinterest Etiquette

  • Don’t just pin the images from your website.
  • Don’t Spam!
  • Don’t use Pinterest only for Self-promotion.

Build Relationships with the Niche Influencers

Every social media platform has influencers who stand out within their industry. Locate the influencers who already have the attention of your target audience. Relationships with those influencers can benefit your business. Start by following them and re-pinning their content you like, like their pins and make thoughtful relevant comments. This can be a good first step in relationship-building with the influencers.

Use Different Types of Content:

Pinterest is a wonderful way to collect all kinds of your marketing messages all in one place. One of the greatest features for creating a brand presence on Pinterest is posting different types of content— like: video from YouTube channel, Slideshows from SlideShare and Audios from SoundCloud.

Show Your Pinterest Activity on Facebook:

Connect your Pinterest profile with your Facebook timeline by Signing into Pinterest with Facebook, then your Facebook friends will be able to see your Pinning activity and click through to see your Pins.

Some More Tips:

  • Tag other Pinterest users in your pin descriptions by using “@username”. It is a great way to get noticed, build your following and stand out.
  • Like, Repin, Comment on other people’s pins when you want to recognize great content.

Awesome Pinterest Tools to Power up Your Marketing

Pinterest Tools to Create Images:

Pinterest Tools to Create Images:

1. Pixlr

2. PicMonkey

3. ShareAsImage

4. ReciteThis

5. Pinstamatic

6. Quozio

7. Fotor

Pinterest Tools for Building Your Pinterest Community

1. PinAlerts

2. Pinwoot

3. Postris

4. Pinvolve

Analyze & Track Your Pinterest Results

1. Cyfe

2. 10alike

3. Tailwind

4. ViralTag

5. Piqora


Marketing on Pinterest isn’t about blasting out your brand messages. It is about identifying how your business fits in with the user’s interests and becoming part of how they pursue and participate in that interest. The businesses or brands that do that well are bound for Pinterest success.

Pinterest is ideal for visuals and it represents a great virtually untapped marketing channel for online retailers and brands. It is also capable of driving incremental traffic and revenue, improving SEO performance, and increasing brand awareness. Many brands are investing on Pinterest to reduce their dependence on Google. Given its growth and user purchase behavior, Pinterest definitely deserves to be at the top of your consideration set.

So, how is your brand using Pinterest? Do you see any additional benefits to using Pinterest? Let me know how it’s working for you in the comments!

Why SlideShare is a Must for Brand Building and Content Marketing

What is SlideShare?

There are lots of document sharing websites available on the web like DocStoc, Scribd those are great for sharing content online and even earning links from them. But there are several important features that make SlideShare more than just a document sharing site.

Besides presentations, SlideShare also supports PDFs, Videos, Documents, Infographics and webinars. Many big brands turning to SlideShare for Content marketing, customer engagement and generates leads. As an added bonus, the search engines like Google lists many SlideShare contents with the first page organic rankings.

slideshareSlideShare lets you hit multiple targets at once such as brand building, content marketing, social media and link building for SEO. Most of the SlideShare audiences are professional people who just prefer the visual display rather than reading long articles or blogs.

Why should You Use SlideShare?

You can use SlideShare for many purposes like:

1. Get more traffic to your website or blog

2. Rank better on the search engines like Google

3. Gain more followers on your social media brand pages

4. Build your brand

5. Get E-mail subscribes

6. Generate business leads

Some Points to be Noted about SlideShare:

  • You can create an account for FREE!!! But you can go for the paid option.
  • You can upload Ms-word, PowerPoint, PDFs, open office or Apple keynote files.
  • People can download (or not, you can decide that) the presentation from SlideShare.
  • SlideShare is quick and to the point.
  • You can promote your presentation by sharing its URL via many social media platforms or e-mails.
  • You can embed the presentation in your WebPages or blog posts.
  • You can easily update your presentation and its descriptions whenever you want.
  • SlideShare tracks your each presentation’s views and downloads.
  • Embed YouTube videos inside the slides.

 slideshare marketing

Why SlideShare is so Important for Brands and Marketers?

1. Largest Content Sharing Community:

SlideShare is the YouTube of Content sharing sites. It has a page rank 8, 130 million page views, 60 million monthly visitors and Alexa Global Rank 119 with visitors from all over the world. ( Resource : SlideShare About Page)

SlideShare has been referred to as the “YouTube for PowerPoint presentations” or the “The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing “ which allows users to embed and share presentations anywhere on the web.

2. SlideShare is Mobile Compatible:

The contents of slideshare are compatible for easy viewing for smart phones, iPads and Android devices. The home page of SlideShare features those contents are popular on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How to Use SlideShare for Your Brand Building and Content Marketing Strategy?

Internet marketers, advertisers and brands are constantly trying to find the “Next Big Thing” after Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which will allow them to stand out from the crowd. And that is why SlideShare comes to the picture with 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views. It is the largest professional content sharing community and amongst the most visited 200 websites.

Now, SlideShare seems to be an incredibly marketing tool for Internet marketers, advertisers and brands. Many smart brands like HubSpot are making conscious efforts to create amazing slideshow content for generating more leads.

SlideShare allows sharing many types of content. You can aggregate your blog posts into a Ms-Word document and convert it to PDF file for sharing.

1. First Slide is the Most Important:

Make your first slide very attractive, unique and self-explanatory using great images and designs and an interesting and enticing slide title that can be seen by the SlideShare users in the thumbnails. First slide is very important to make a great impression. Treat you first slides like video thumbnails.

2. Slide Content:

There are some factors to be remembered when it comes to the slide contents:

  • Keep your word to minimum. Remember that write less and Show more.
  • Show something interesting, shocking and uncommon.
  • Share unique and uncommon information and entice the SlideShare users to visit your website to learn more information.
  • Create your slides as if you are narrating an awesome story to the audience.
  • Use attractive fonts, images and catch lines.
  • Limit your slides to 10-25 slides to keep it entertaining.
  • Focus on providing quotable powerful information rather than going into too much depth.
  • Make you slides well-designed. SlideShare is a visual social platform, without eye-catching designs you can’t get the views.
  • Expand each idea of your slides into a linked blog post, guest post, another presentation or article that provides more-detailed information.
  • You can add audio narration and/or insert relevant YouTube videos to add more value to your presentation.
  • You can reformat your existing blog posts, articles, guest posts into slides to promote those.
  • Don’t make your presentation a shameless self-promotional piece.

SEO Benefits of SlideShare:

SlideShare has a variety of marketing advantages for brands and businesses. The extremely big ones being the SEO benefits it provides. Similar to YouTube videos; SlideShare presentations ranks very high on Google search results. SlideShare can help with your SEO strategy because you can put your targeted keywords, keyword rich title & description and tags into your presentation.

After uploading the file, SlideShare creates a transcript of the slides which appears below the presentation. The search engines like Google can crawl and index the transcript.

SlideShare is a trusted and authority website. You can definitely take advantage of that to bring your content to top ranking on the search engines like Google.

How to Optimize Your SlideShare Content for SEO?

Here is the answer that how to optimize a SlideShare presentation:

1. Title:

First you must optimize your presentation title for SEO. Include your targeted wisely in the title. It has been observed by many experienced internet marketers that SlideShare contents get listed on search results for long-tail keywords.

2. Tags:

You can add more than 10 tags. Use your targeted keywords here also.

3. Description:

Targeted keywords also should be included here carefully.

As an additional tip, get more advantage by naming the file to be uploaded on SlideShare with the title that contains the keywords.

How to Use SlideShare to Bring More Traffic to Your Website?

Your SlideShare content can build inbound link for your website and bring quality traffic in the following ways:

1. Add Links of Your Website:

Add hyperlinked URLs of your website which will drive traffic. But please avoid “Click here” and such kinds of links.

2. Increase Your Followers:

You can increase your followers on your social media brand pages by linking them on your slides.

3. Create Sharable Content:

It makes a perfect sense to create unique, intelligent and attractive presentations so that people can share their SlideShare discoveries on various social networking platforms. Awesome design, unique content and eye-appealing facts together make a great sharable presentation.

So, is SlideShare Included in your online marketing strategy? If not, then it should!

Why Hashtags are Important as a Digital Marketing Strategy

What is Hashtag ?

The Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your texts. You can create a Hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol like #InboundMarketing.

Using hashtag is a unique strategy for categorizing messages on social media and now, it is being used as a very powerful digital marketing tool. Now, Hashtags are being used as a viral marketing tool.

There are lots of advantages for businesses that come with using hashtags as it can be used to improve brand awareness as well as improve the online reputation.

In micro blogging community, the Hashtags will organize your messages under one thread to get the most targeted traffic  instead of running through millions of random tweets, messages and comments.

What was the First Hashtag Ever Used?

The first hashtag was used as #barcamp and it was used by Chris Messina on Twitter on 23rd August 2007 .


First Hashtag

What to Do before Using Hashtags ?

Before using hashtags, it can be helpful to do a little research first to learn some tips and etiquette. Excessive usage of hashtags can cause annoyance, confusion or frustration, and may lead people to stop following you. There are no written rules about hashtags but the primary one to remember: don’t overuse them because it looks like spam. So, it is the best practice to use hashtags when they are going to add value.

Before adding hashtag , write your message first, because it is important that what you say and how do you say. Doing research is great to ensure your idea is genuinely unique.

Don’t place your hashtags all the time at the beginning or end of your message. Place if wisely on your message body because it will keep focus on your content.

Another thing is that before using a hashtag, you always need to some search to know how other people are using it and what they are saying about this topic. It will be very embarrassing if the same hashtag is used for an entirely different topic.

Why Hashtag is a Powerful Marketing Tool ?

Social media websites describe hashtags as “Themes” for your posts, comments or tweets. When any user include hashtags in his message, that message will be linkable to all other messages containing the same hashtag on that social network platform. This feature allows your message to potentially be seen by millions of users throughout the world who are searching for a certain hashtag. That’s why this is a powerful tool because it gives the exposure of your messages to millions of web users who don’t even follow you.

The Websites That Support Hashtags :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • FriendFeed
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • VK
  • Vine
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Plurk etc .
Using Offline  Hashtag

Using Offline Hashtag

Choose Your Hashtag Something Easy to Remember:

When you are choosing a hashtag, it is important to make sure that your hashtag is easy to remember for the web users. If people see a hashtag once on any social media platform, it may stick in their minds if it is easily memorable. Do not choose anything which is hard to spell or pronounce. It should be short, easy to spell & pronounce and related to your topic.

Use Your Hashtag on Multiple Social Media Platforms :

Use your hashtag on multiple social media platforms wisely. Because :

1. It will give your hashtag more exposure

2. It will help web users to remember you hashtag when they see it multiple times on different websites

Consider These When Choosing a Hashtag :

1. Keep it short and sweet

2. Keep it as obvious as possible to your topic

3.Capitalise separate words to make it easier to read . Use #DigitalMarketing instead of #digitalmarketing

4.Encourage everyone to use it.

5. Do not overuse it

6. Do not try to use a trending topic to promote your product because it can backfire on you!

[There are lots of hashtag marketing disaster stories, but the #McDStories is probably the most notorious among them. McDonald’s launched a two campaign first with the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers then #McDStories hashtag. They were hoping it would inspire peopleto tell heart-warming stories about McDonald’s Happy Meals. But what appened was just the opposite and twitter users used these hashtags to share horror stories about the fast food chain.

How to Promote Your Hashtag ?

#1  Ask Questions and Generate Debate

#2  Make it Relevant to Your Topic

#3  Keep It Short and Easy to Understand

#4  Offer Something for Engagement

#5  Get Involved in the Conversation and Convert

#6  Add Value to the Tweets

#7  Start a Competetion

#8  Host and Join Chats

There is a Google Chrome Extension named ” G+ Hashtags ” : It can be used to find, mute and show the current hashtags in your stream.

Now, here is a funny news that you can check out : Parents Name Their Newborn Daughter ‘Hashtag’

Keyword Research is Time Consuming but Rewards are High

What is the Importance of Keyword Research?

This post is for everyone who is an Internet Marketing Strategist, Search Analyst or SEO etc. and does Keyword Research for his projects. I think Keyword Research is the most important aspect for SEO and if it not done perfectly you can make a huge mistake by targeting your whole SEO campaign around some wrong and useless keywords. This is process which can make or break your website. I would like the SEO’s and Internet Marketers to start thinking differently about how you gather all the data for Keyword Research.

Every Search Engine uses its own, unique algorithm to provide search results. They employ text matching to help them determine relevance. When a searcher searches for a keyword like “Hotels in Delhi” , the search engine shows the WebPages most relevant and informative to this keyword. So Keyword Research brings valuable & relevant traffic to your website and also it enhances the user experience for a website by providing the most relevant keywords which decreases the Bounce Rate. That means Keyword Research is a great way to find the areas of opportunity for the success of a particular website.

Keyword Research

How much is a Particular Keyword Worth to Your Website? Ask Yourself to Get the Answer.

1. Will the searchers find here what they are looking for when they are coming to my website by searching this keyword?

2. Is the content relevant on the page for that keyword?

3. Is the keyword relevant to your website?

4. If this keywords rank well then it would be sending a lot of traffic, or minimal traffic?

5. Do this keyword fit in with the website’s business model?

6. Do this keyword logically represent the website’s products/services?

If the answers of these 6 questions are clear “Yes” then you can proceed.

Keyword Tools Provide Some Predictions, not Accurate Data:

The whole Internet Marketing industry knows that the search volume data from the Google Adwords Tool is bullshit. The simple truth is – you should not trust Google Adwords Tool; it is there for illustrative purposes only to predict the real volume. Check the competition and search volume and competition from Google Adwords Tools by singing in and without signing in , you will find different data.

Search for Some Desired Terms/phrases in Google:

Put the desired terms or phrases in Google search box to see that for which keywords the Paid advertisements are appearing. Roughly we can say that many paid ads means it could be a high value and conversion-prone keyword.

Go for Long Tail Keywords:

I think long tail keywords are more conversion-prone keywords, Why ? If a searcher searches for “Chocolate Cookies” , is does not mean he/she wants to buy it, may be he/she is searching for the recipe or wants some discounts for ordering bulk products or wants to sell it. But if a person searches for “Chocolate Cookies Recipe” or “How to Make Chocolate Cookies” then we can clearly understand that his/her purpose for the searches. Although it has a very good search volume, may be it is a mistake if you target “Chocolate Cookies” to optimize as a keyword. So the conclusion is we should be doing keyword research thinking about the search intent. This is where you have to be careful when researching for keyword.

Are You Basing Your Search Volume Calculations On Broad/Phrase Match Searches?

I think this is the most common and most damaging keyword research mistake.

Let us consider a keyword “Tennis Shoes”.

These searches could be considered as broad match: “tennis racquet”, “high heeled shoes” , “buy tennis shoes” etc.

And these searches could be considered as phrase match: “tennis shoes photo”, “best tennis shoes” , “red tennis shoes” , “buy tennis shoes” etc.

So what we have seen here? If you offering “Tennis Shoes” , you can attract traffic who are not looking for to buy tennis shoes, rather looking for “Tennis Shoes” etc; but it will definitely be worthless for you. Traffic quality is the best thing for a website.

How to Take Your Keyword Research to a Next Level ?

Add Some Social Media Signal Data!

Social media data can provide some extra valuable information to your keyword list. But where to find these data? Ok, here it is :


It is free. You can analyze tweets, Photos, videos, trending topics and everything here. For better result use the “Advanced Search” field.

check it out for the keyword “Hotels in Delhi” :

Keyword Research


Social Mention :

It is also free. You can use this tool for Real-time social media search and analysis. It is like Google alerts but made for social media only.

check it out for the keyword “Hotels in Delhi” :

Keyword Research

Get Some Über-suggestions with Übersuggest Tool:

You can get keyword ideas using Übersuggest Tool that makes good use of Google auto-complete word suggestion. It is free and very simple to use.

For example, check out the suggestions for the keyword “Hotels in Delhi” :

Keyword Research

I think a perfect keyword is that which has very high search volume and Low competition.

Why I Love Google Plus (and You Should, too)

Why Google+ is a Must-Have for the Internet Marketers?

When Google launched the Google+ social network, the internet marketing world ( along with Me!) barely noticed it. But now, when Google decided to make this social media network a bigger part of its search results, no option to ignore it.

Facebook and Twitter both restrict Google from accessing much of their data and it limits the Search Effectiveness of Google. So the engineers of Google built Google+ to dominate all other social media networks. Facebook actively prevents Google from crawling most of its content. They are only allowing Google to access the Fan pages.

With the growth of Facebook, Google is so uncomfortable and we saw earlier that Google wanted to dominate them (Do you remember Orkut etc?). Thumbs up to them for the never die attitude. Now by the advantage of the search engine they are turning the table towards their side.Now Google is doing everything to beat Facebook and Twitter.

According to me, the Google+ initiative is mainly aimed to improve the search result quality by integrating the social media signals into search. On a wider range of perspective, Google is trying to converge all the social signals on Google+ and all these signals should definitely affect the search results. And by these Google does not have any dependency on any third party to give them social network data. And this is just the starting; in future Google will do everything to push Google+.

Google+ now has 343 Million users according to the Global Web Index, capturing the second position bumping Twitter. With the integration of all the Google’s products and services, you get power social network on Google+ platform that any other social media network can’t provide.

I Love Google+

Now Let’s Take a Look at the Benefits of Google+:

You can Index New Content Lightning Fast:

When you share a new content on Google+, Google will index the content vey quickly. The new URLs are crawled by Googlebots almost instantly. Rand Fishkin once commented that “Google+ is the new Google Submit URL box.”

So this makes complete sense to share your new content on Google+ for quick indexation.

Google+ Provides You Unlimited Editing Power:

You can use Google+ just like a personal Blog. You can modify or change any post whenever you want. But with Facebook and Twitter, you can’t do this. After you post a tweet, Twitter only allows you to delete and on Facebook, the same thing happens. That means only Google+ gives you the full control over your own content.

Get Dofollow Links Towards Your Websites:

Google+ allows you to add all your social media profiles, blogs and websites in a very organized manner. All these Links are “Dofollow”. If you paste a link into the “share with New” area, it will be a nofollow link attribute. So instead of doing this, click on the “link” icon and add the link here. Then it will be a dofollow link attribute.

But I have to remind you that don’t turn your Google+ profile into a link factory; Google will not tolerate any kind of spamming practices.

Check out this article to know more about Google Plus strategies.

Establish a Panic-Proof Link Building Strategy

The world of SEO is changing everyday! It seems that the day is coming when there will be no easy way to get back links (I mean good back links!). Only a Good SEO knows that how to earn links and he can create a good content promoting strategy to attract natural links.

The Google Penguin update has changed the link building process in a significant way. Earlier, it was easy to get rank for the desired keywords by building thousand of links with exact match anchor text. But those days are gone. Link building is becoming a very complex in the post Google Panda and Penguin days.

Link Building

Now let us discuss some Future-proof and Panic-Proof link building strategies:

Stop Chasing The Google Algorithms:

First of all, I want to say that you will never catch it. So create a last longer link building strategy and try to get more traffic, not the rank.

Make Sure That Your Website Provides a Good User Experience:

The web users want a quick and easy user experience on your website. So, choose the Landing pages against the desired keywords very carefully that you are going to optimize.

A lots of SEO’s are still making this mistake of always linking to their homepage when link building. I understand that your homepage is the most important and valuable page of your website, but I am sure that it will not going to help you for the ranking. So identify the target pages very carefully.

Recommended article: How to Make Google Love Your Website?

Diversify Your Anchor Texts and Avoid Exact Match Anchor Texts:

There is nothing Google hates more than feeling you are trying to Google to rank you for a specific keyword. for an example , if you are targeting the keyword “Hotels in New Delhi” and you are  using the exact match anchor text, Google will definitely think it is highly suspicious. Yes it simply does not make any sense for Google.  So constantly diversify your anchor text; for example: try to use ” Best Hotels in New Delhi City ” , ” 5 Star Hotel in New Delhi ” instead of “Hotels in New Delhi”.

And one more important thing is that Google is now very smart enough to figure out which particular keyword relates best to your content. So  I highly recommend to use generic keywords like ” learn more here ” , “read more here” , ” check out more here” as anchor text as these look way more natural. But never use “go to this link”, “go to this website” etc as anchor text.

Make Your Content Linkable:

Make sure that you are providing linkable content. If your visitors don’t like your content, they will not like or share it. If you are producing content that has value, people possibly hit the like, pin it or tweet buttons on one of your blog posts or articles. Creating a good content promoting strategy is the safest, most natural and most efficient form of Search Engine Optimization.

Link Building

Focus on Quality Link Building, not Quantity:

Since many years, this has been said over and over to create quality links. Forget about mass directory submissions etc. Because if you get the rank by this kind of submissions, Google will definitely penalize your website; if not today then may be tomorrow or the next month. Definitely!

Use Social Media, Get People to See Your Content and Leverage Your Fan Base:

Since 2012, social signals are more important than ever. When you post a fresh content, make sure that you share it on all the social media accounts (Google + is the must, mind it!). When you share useful content, you will definitely get likes, repins, retweets and the most important +1’s. This will give you a bonus point for SEO , also helps to spread your content as well as.

People will not link to or share your content unless they see it and this is where content marketing strategy is important.

Link Building Strategy

Use Google+ to Cache Your Content Lightning Fast:

It is no secret that Google+ is built to dominate all other social media platforms. So use it wisely to cache your content very easily and boost your keyword’s ranking.

Recommended article: 11 Google Plus Strategies for Content Marketing and Social SEO

Create Social Media Profiles to Get Back Links:

There are lots of social media websites that allow you to sign up, create a profile, and include a website link. So take advantage of this opportunity, Go Social!

But where can you find all of these social media websites to create profiles? I will suggest you KnowEm.

Create an Awesome Blog:

A good blog for your website attracts natural links to your content. So create it.

PowerPoint Presentation/Multimedia/Document Submissions:

Submit PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and get a link from them in return. I recommend that SlideShare is the best!

Participate on Question & Answers:

You can build links that should also send you traffic to your website by using the websites like Yahoo! Answers, Quora and Wiki Answers. ! : is an awesome way to build links and drive traffic at the same time. Watch this video to learn how to use it.

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Google Panda Update is a Ranking Factor

The Search Engine Google changes its search algorithm constantly, each year up to 500-600 times. These algorithm updates help them to provide better search results to the web users. But most of these changes are minor, only the Major algorithm updates affect search results in significant ways. So it is very important for the SEO experts to know these Google updates for the rankings of the websites.

But Why These Algorithm Updates?

The Search engine Google makes money from the gigantic market shares and advertisements. They can charge more than others because they have the biggest pool of potential advertisement impressions and clicks to sell or generate leads. So Google has a complete interest in insuring a better search user experience. And That’s it. Google does not care about your website’s ranking. They only care about providing the most relevant search results, so that everyone keeps using Google.

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Google Panda:

On 24th February 2011,  a major Google update called “Farmer Update” or  “Google Panda 1.0” has affected 12% of search queries and halved many well-known websites visitor numbers.

Google’s Head of Search Spam Mr. Matt Cutts puts it in a Blog post announcing that:

“This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.”

And Matt Cutts Tweeted :

Google Panda

So what are the Search Engine Optimization mistakes that are hurting thousands of websites since the Google Panda Update?

  • High Advertisement Ratio
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Duplicate Content
  • Back links from Blacklisted Sites
  • Buying or Exchanging Links
  • Less Content and Heavy Template Footprint
  • Pages with Empty content and with Only Links
  • High bounce rate on page or site.
  • Low percentage visit times on web page or website.
  • Low percentage of users returning to a site
  • Low percentage of Click Through Rate (CTR)   from Google’s results result pages
  • Low  quality inbound links

We can say that Panda is a ranking factor for the websites. It is a filter that Google has designed to evaluate the low-quality Web Pages. Remember that the Google Panda is a site-wide penalty.

Google Panda Update Favours Images and Videos:

If we look at the winners and losers found by Searchmetrics, it is obvious that the websites with valuable images and videos were the big winners.

Here are the winners:


And the loosers are:


What Should You Be Doing?

Where should you focus your energy now? Content, of course Content!

Use blogs, infographics , articles and other high quality content to leverage for link building and to attract natural, organic back links. Remember, we should earn links, not create links.

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