Why I Love Google Plus (and You Should, too)

Why Google+ is a Must-Have for the Internet Marketers?

When Google launched the Google+ social network, the internet marketing world ( along with Me!) barely noticed it. But now, when Google decided to make this social media network a bigger part of its search results, no option to ignore it.

Facebook and Twitter both restrict Google from accessing much of their data and it limits the Search Effectiveness of Google. So the engineers of Google built Google+ to dominate all other social media networks. Facebook actively prevents Google from crawling most of its content. They are only allowing Google to access the Fan pages.

With the growth of Facebook, Google is so uncomfortable and we saw earlier that Google wanted to dominate them (Do you remember Orkut etc?). Thumbs up to them for the never die attitude. Now by the advantage of the search engine they are turning the table towards their side.Now Google is doing everything to beat Facebook and Twitter.

According to me, the Google+ initiative is mainly aimed to improve the search result quality by integrating the social media signals into search. On a wider range of perspective, Google is trying to converge all the social signals on Google+ and all these signals should definitely affect the search results. And by these Google does not have any dependency on any third party to give them social network data. And this is just the starting; in future Google will do everything to push Google+.

Google+ now has 343 Million users according to the Global Web Index, capturing the second position bumping Twitter. With the integration of all the Google’s products and services, you get power social network on Google+ platform that any other social media network can’t provide.

I Love Google+

Now Let’s Take a Look at the Benefits of Google+:

You can Index New Content Lightning Fast:

When you share a new content on Google+, Google will index the content vey quickly. The new URLs are crawled by Googlebots almost instantly. Rand Fishkin once commented that “Google+ is the new Google Submit URL box.”

So this makes complete sense to share your new content on Google+ for quick indexation.

Google+ Provides You Unlimited Editing Power:

You can use Google+ just like a personal Blog. You can modify or change any post whenever you want. But with Facebook and Twitter, you can’t do this. After you post a tweet, Twitter only allows you to delete and on Facebook, the same thing happens. That means only Google+ gives you the full control over your own content.

Get Dofollow Links Towards Your Websites:

Google+ allows you to add all your social media profiles, blogs and websites in a very organized manner. All these Links are “Dofollow”. If you paste a link into the “share with New” area, it will be a nofollow link attribute. So instead of doing this, click on the “link” icon and add the link here. Then it will be a dofollow link attribute.

But I have to remind you that don’t turn your Google+ profile into a link factory; Google will not tolerate any kind of spamming practices.

Check out this article to know more about Google Plus strategies.


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